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LGBT Pride :: How We Can All Celebrate! | Houston Moms Blog

LGBT Pride :: How We Can All Celebrate!

On May 31, President Obama made an official proclamation declaring June LGBT {Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender} Pride Month, calling Americans to celebrate the great diversity of the United States and to eliminate prejudice.  And here locally, the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration is happening today – June 24th. LGBT Pride, or Pride as it commonly known, has […]

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Why I Love My 30's

Why I Love My 30s

I used to dread getting older. Not in some Peter Pan way, where I wanted to stay young forever. I just feared the unknown of being a real grown up and turning 30. Didn’t your 30s mean you started to find grey hairs and you had to use overnight cream for emerging face wrinkles? And […]

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Reader Suvey - Featured

Take Our Survey… For Your Chance to WIN! {Houston Moms Blog’s 2016 Reader Survey}

After nearly three years of connecting moms across Houston, we hope you know that your feedback is VERY important to us!  We work around the clock {figuratively…and sometimes even literally!} to bring you our absolute best – resources, guides, inspiration, events, giveaways, authentic connections, and more.  Our goal is to make your life as a Houston […]

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Neon Wilderness

Hoppin’ Around H-Town with Jana Brown’s Centerstage Dance Studio

Join us as we go Hoppin’ Around H-Town with title sponsor Neighbors Emergency Center!  Next stop in our summer play date series… >>> Jana Brown’s Centerstage Dance Studio <<< Boys and girls… Come and dance like Princesses and jump, run, and soar like Super Heroes at our play date with Jana Brown’s Centerstage Dance Studio!  Move alongside some of […]

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Is He Your First? | Houston Moms Blog

Is He Your First?

“Is he your first?” It is a simple question, a generic conversation starter at the playground. No big deal really. Except when it is. It is a question that hurts so deep in my soul I can’t truly find the words to explain it to you. I am certainly not about to break down in […]

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The Truth About Our Beach Vacation | Houston Moms Blog

The Truth About Our Beach Vacation

While planning some activities for the family this year, my husband and I decided we should go to the beach for a long weekend. We thought it would be a fun getaway that our girls would just love. But amidst all of the planning and coordinating, what we didn’t realize is that our month would also be filled […]

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