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When Traditional Schooling Just Doesn’t Work

Please Note :: After receiving questions and concerns from Houston area mamas about traditional schooling and options in our area, we decided to head straight to the experts – our friends and local sponsors at Fusion Academy.  Below they have provided insight and resources on what to do when traditional schooling just doesn’t work as […]

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Houston Murals Guide

Hooray! It is no longer so hot that you can fry an egg on the pavement. Hopefully, this makes exploring H-town much more appealing. While a pilgrimage to a single Houston mural at a time may not be worth the trek from the ‘burbs, it’ll be worth it to include a stop to these places if […]

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Motherhood Lonely

Motherhood is Lonely

Gosh, being a mom can be lonely. No one told me that. And when you are expecting your first baby, people tell you a lot of things. Some nuggets of advice you want to hear. Others just make you want to roll your eyes and excuse yourself from the conversation as quickly as possible. You […]

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Can Video Games Can Be Educational? {+ Giveaway}

The answer is YES, and our sponsors at Super League Gaming are here to tell us how! As of you might remember, we introduced you to Super League Gaming this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that they are back, right here in Houston, for the season.  PLUS, they are giving away season passes to one lucky family, […]

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I am not the puke parent, my husband is. He has always taken care of the mess when someone in our house gets the pukes. {For the record, I take care of blood incidents.} Our plan has worked out perfectly…until recently. My 6 year old came down with a stomach bug first thing one Friday morning, […]

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{Money Making Opportunity} Has Your Family Experienced Separation?

Has your family experience separation? If so, you can share your experience and make $100 plus gain information that might prove helpful for you or your children during this time. Our sponsors at University of Houston are currently conducting a research study on families experiencing separation. Whether the separation is due to the demands of a parent’s […]

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Dear Mean Girl

Dear Mean Girl…

Dear Mean Girl at Dance Class, I saw you. I saw you parade out of class right after my daughter the other day. Your brown curls bobbing and excitement on your face. You looked like just another one of our adorable little dancers. As I helped my 5 year old put on her street clothes, […]

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