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Houston Ice Cream Shops

Houston’s Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

It’s July, and it’s hot. Thankfully, I have a delicious, fun solution to the relentless summer heat — ice cream! Let me help you celebrate National Ice Cream Month in Houston with some favorite sweet treat shops around town. I didn’t have any difficulty outsourcing some help {other HMB contributors, my 2 year old, my boyfriend, and […]

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Father Interview

An Interview With My Father

I haven’t relied on a single person more than my father to help, guide, and tell me the painful {usually colorful} truth. He has never let me down. Not a single time. He has managed decades of stress, responsibility, and life in the role of Dad. This Father’s Day, the day we honor all fathers, I […]

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Interview with Mother

An Interview With My Mother

Let’s start by saying my mother is amazing. Let’s follow that by saying I didn’t truly REALIZE how amazing, selfless, and strong she was until I had a kid myself. Don’t worry; I feel like a jerk about that too. Nothing has bonded me closer to my mother than BECOMING a mother. Looking back at […]

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Why I Chose Spanish Immersion | Houston Moms Blog

Why I Chose Spanish Immersion

“Mas … mas … mas, mas, mas, mas … MAS!” M is furiously pointing at the food pouches in the grocery store trying to get my attention. I grab a pouch {The purple one … why are they always obsessed with the purple one?} and hand it over. It’s a Tuesday. A couple walking by […]

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Potty Training On The Go | Houston Moms Blog

Potty Training on the Go

Me {Walking into room with holiday decorations and taking in the scene}:: “NOOO! What happened?! Where are your pants? Where does poop poop go?” M {Big smile}:: “Potty!” Me:: “And where did you go?” M {Mild confusion but excitement at this question game}:: “FLOOR!” Me:: “WHY!” M:: “Mickey say. Mickey say.” {Points accusingly at Mickey on […]

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