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Pregnancy After NICU 2

Pregnancy After the NICU {Part 2}

“While I love the thought of a squishy newborn and {my daughter} being a big sister, I am worried about this baby that doesn’t exist yet.  What if things go wrong again?  Even though every test under the sun has come back negative for indicators of preeclampsia reoccurring, I’m not sure I’ll ever completely shake […]

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It was a normal Thursday.  I was wrapping up my to do list at work and had just told a coworker I was about ready to leave the office, when an older woman came in the front door.  I heard her tell the woman at the front desk that she was lost and went on […]

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NICU Congratulations

Encouragement From One NICU Mom to Another

No parent ever wants to have a baby in the NICU.  As a NICU mom, I wouldn’t wish that experience upon my worst enemy.  Ever since we left the NICU almost four years ago, I’ve had friends {and even strangers} reach out to me because they are facing a possible NICU stay.  My initial reaction every […]

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Working Mom Fitness

Working On My Fitness {Pun Intended.}

As a working mom, my daily routine rarely changes.  I sit in the car on my commute, I sit at my desk, I sit at the lunch table, I sit in the bleachers while my daughter practices gymnastics, I sit at the dinner table…are you seeing the theme here?  I sit.  All.  Day.  Long.  And I’m […]

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