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How to Snapchat

Snapchat. Why in the world would a grown woman and mother of two be writing about Snapchat? It’s supposed to be reserved for teenage/20-something horn dogs who need a covert channel to send explicit images/videos to one another. Sure. One can use this social media platform in such a manner, but it’s so much more […]

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I Miss My OB

As my last postpartum visit nears, I am sad that I will no longer see my OB regularly. I started to feel this way shortly after delivery and also experienced the same thing with my first-born. I was surprised by these emotions. Nobody warned me about this! I didn’t really think much about these wistful […]

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The Hybrid Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Congrats! You’re pregnant. And now…nothing fits. The in-between phase where neither regular clothes nor maternity clothes fit is inevitable. For some it lasts for the first trimester, for others it may last well into the 2nd trimester and sometimes the 3rd. Think of this as a time when a wardrobe capsule has been bestowed upon […]

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