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Why Grocery Shopping Gives Me Hives

Oh, lord. The grocery. I have such a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. On one hand, I actually kinda love the process. The meal planning {yes, I actually love to meal plan}, the organized list by department, and even better, checking off the list. Preferably with a bold-colored pen. Part of my A-type personality I […]

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ash erin and me

Reasons, Seasons, and Lifetime of Friendships

You may have read this poem along the way, or variations of it. {Found here.} Honestly, until my 30’s, ahhh-hem… mid-thirties, I never realized how true it was. The basic premise is that friends come into our life for a reason {to meet a current need or struggle and when it’s resolved you go on […]

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Forever 5 Minutes Late

My kids are officially out of school for the summer, but a couple of times a week they go have a little “school” time at a friend’s house. It helps keep me sane and gives our break a little structure. However, no matter how hard I try, school year or not, we are ALWAYS 5 […]

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Be Hurricane Prepared, Houston!

Be Hurricane Prepared, Houston!

The dog days of summer are upon us, Houston. And guess what else is too? Hurricane season. And not the delicious {potent} kind found in our good ole neighboring state of Louisiana.  Ain’t that right, New Orleans Moms Blog? I have a heightened sensitivity to hurricanes {and their catastrophic destruction}, having lost 95% of our possessions in […]

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