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Returning to Work ... After Staying at Home | Houston Moms Blog

Returning to Work … After Staying at Home

Cover letters are as polished as they will be. Online applications are turned in. Hard copies of résumés are in the mail. After 7 years as a stay-at-home mom, it’s now the season {with fingers crossed and prayers offered and positive vibes released} to return to work.  Gulp.  I’ll be teaching again soon.  Besides the adjustments of getting three boys to their […]

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My Toddler Hates Me | Houston Moms Blog

My Toddler Hates Me

My husband and I recently entered the toddler stage with our son. It’s the phase of life where you actually start parenting. Gone are the days of just keeping them alive – you must now help them learn how to be productive members of society. Toddlerhood has so many cool developments to witness: independence, communication, mobility, […]

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For 2017, I’m Giving Myself Grace

There’s an adage I grew up hearing, one that stated March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. The month holds a beginning of negativity, filled with blustery weather and storms. If the saying holds true, though, there will be a calmness to look forward to by the end. The year 2016, however, came in like […]

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Reclaiming Me in 2017 {A New Year's Resolution} | Houston Moms Blog

Reclaiming Me in 2017

Last November, I participated in a blogging challenge to write a post a day for thirty days in a row on my personal blog. It was indeed challenging, and painful at times, but also really fulfilling. Having to generate topics to write about for thirty consecutive posts forced me to think outside of my main […]

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