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How I Became a Milk Donor | Houston Moms Blog

How I Became A Milk Donor

When my oldest child was born prematurely, I dreamed of producing enough breast milk to be able to donate *even a little* to other preemies whose mothers couldn’t produce milk.  I pumped around the clock, but in the end was a “just enough” producer and could only provide for my daughter.  Then, unfortunately, “just enough” eventually […]

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Feeding Babies No More

Feeding Babies No More

I’m at the finish line. My last baby turns one in a few weeks, and I will breathe a sigh of relief and completion as the infant feeding chapter of my life comes to an end. Feeding babies has consumed my mental energy and emotions for much of the past six years, and I’m so […]

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Pumping & Driving - Featured

Pumping & Driving

Yes, that is me in the car next to you. The crazy weirdo dancing ridiculously while singing, “Billy Jean is not my lover…” But what you probably didn’t notice is that I am also pumping. Pumping and driving. Let’s just add the difficulty of breastfeeding to the ever growing list of difficult things about parenthood. […]

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Pumping Guide - Featured

A Step-By-Step Guide to Pumping

After my first baby arrived and I realized I wanted to detach myself from him at times, I scurried to the Internet with one burning Google search… “How to start pumping.” And you know what I found….NOTHING! I could not find any resources explaining the basic steps for how to begin pumping. How to start from […]

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2 Mommas, 4 Boobies

At the time of our daughter’s conception, we were living in Eugene, Oregon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this region of the country, imagine a liberal college town where Woodstock attendees went to settle. Imagine tie-dye t-shirts, farmer’s markets, home-brewed beer, and peace signs. Lots of natural parenting. Breastfeeding is the norm […]

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