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Returning to Work ... After Staying at Home | Houston Moms Blog

Returning to Work … After Staying at Home

Cover letters are as polished as they will be. Online applications are turned in. Hard copies of résumés are in the mail. After 7 years as a stay-at-home mom, it’s now the season {with fingers crossed and prayers offered and positive vibes released} to return to work.  Gulp.  I’ll be teaching again soon.  Besides the adjustments of getting three boys to their […]

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To the Mom Considering Grad School | Houston Moms Blog

To the Mom Considering Grad School

Stop right there. Reign those ambitious thoughts back in and find a new hobby, or a new TV show. {I highly recommend This is Us, if you’re asking.} Grad school is hard. Like really hard. You have to use parts of your brain you thought you were done with. And the papers. ALL the papers. […]

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A Photographer's Holiday Sessions Cost | Houston Moms Blog

What Your Photographer Isn’t Saying About Holiday Sessions

You’ve probably seen a photographer’s sponsored holiday session announcement popping up in the newsfeed lately. In a couple of months, that advertisement will be replaced by an endless string of “sneak peeks,” which will then morph into hundreds of holiday cards mailed to each client’s closest family members and friends. While personal photography is popular in […]

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Does Having Kids Mean Career Suicide? | Houston Moms Blog

Does Having Kids Mean Career Suicide?

Does staying home with my kids instead of working full-time mean career suicide? Am I a bad mom for even caring? These are the questions, among others, I am debating these day, and most recently I’ve been questioning if I should open up to possible employers about my slowing work experience. I’ve always loved working […]

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