Let’s Play Ball:: All About Spring Sports

I never thought I’d say this. In fact, I never thought I’d admit it. If I’d been asked before I was pregnant, I’d have laughed like a hyena, denying the possibility. If it had been suggested when my son was three, I would have said something along the lines of, “No way, there is no way I’d extend myself or my child that way.”

Yet, here I am, a year-round sports mom.

Worse? I absolutely love this title.

In the summer, we are all about the demands and rigors of Fall Ball. Which sport? Choose one. It’s usually baseball, but my son has tried football and soccer, as well. Fall ball is expensive in the groan of purchasing new tires expensive. It’s the mini-pro league uniforms, the two-to-three a week practices, the crack-of-dawn all day Saturdays, and the parental volunteering … which is mandatory, of course.

Come winter, we’re listening to the screeching sounds of sneakers, the bouncing of the ball, and the swooshing nets of indoor basketball {because, who wants to be outside in winter?}. Winter sports are laid back, freezing, and thankfully inexpensive {for most leagues}.

Spring Sports, though? Let me tell you about spring.

:: The Programs ::

Dr. Google will display a plethora of local-area spring leagues, but two of the biggest in Houston are i9 Sports, and YMCA of Greater Houston. My son, Tiny, has been involved in both programs throughout the years, although we are presently more affiliated with Southeast Houston leagues for fall and spring sports. In winter, we trend toward i9 and YMCA, and I can’t complain about either program!

:: The Cost ::

Spring sports are midrange in price, starting from about $150-$200. Nothing to sneeze at, right? Compared to fall sports, which can easily cost between $300-$600 dollars with the expectation of parent volunteers, and winter sports, which can range from $35-$150, spring costs are pretty reasonable {ish}.

Because of the cost, Spring is the perfect time to try out a new sport that your child is saying they will “love you forever and ever, Mommy!” We all know they’re lying, but most of these sports aren’t available in winter. Try them out before the expense of fall, and if they do absolutely love it, then it feels more cost-justified to hack up a lung while holding a timer on the sidelines {I mentioned fall expects us to volunteer, right?}.

:: The Practices ::

love spring sports for the very fact that they cannot league-aly {hahaha, sorry, I needed to be punny} hold more than one to two practices a week, and usually they set rules so that the number of hours, inclusive of practices and games, cannot exceed a certain number.

This is marvelous because spring sports coincides with a little, important thing most of us like to call school. The downside to spring sports is the juggling of homework, practice time, and a pesky thing called making dinner. The other downside is that these practices can range from one hour to two and a half hours. Nothing like sitting in the bleachers from 5:00-7:30, twiddling thumbs while thinking about everything that has to be accomplished before bedtime.

:: The Games ::

This is Houston, and spring sports are fantastic because … this is Houston. Fall sports are akin to sitting on the surface of the sun. Everyone is hot, sticky, smelly, and in need of a cold shower by the time you get home. Winter sports are primarily indoors, but if they aren’t, it’s cold, ya’ll.

Spring sports? Well, if you’re prepared, it’s fantastic. Houston is … temperamental … in the spring. Bring a heavy blanket, bring an umbrella, bring a mini-fan, bring sunscreen, bring lotion, bring insect spray, because it’s guaranteed to be cold, rainy, and blazing hot with mosquitos, chapped skin, and sunburns on the neck all in a two-hour span.

:: The Atmosphere ::

I would like to say that spring sports are more laid back, but it’s all about the game. The kids are having fun, the parents are there to chat and cheer on their kiddos, and, although most leagues claim otherwise, there’s an air of competition and slight heckling from the adults on both sides.

Sometimes the heckling occurs through chattering teeth, and sometimes the best play is hidden by the surprising glare of the sun, but it’s spring sports! The cost is marginal, the practices aren’t demanding, and the kids are involved in an activity that makes them happy {most of the time}. What could be better?

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