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What Motherhood Dreams Are Made Of

This is what motherhood dreams are made of The comment wasn’t mine, but it resonated with me. It was Halloween night, and a group of our friends headed out into our neighborhood with our sights set on candy. Our costume laden kids outnumbered the adults, and the whole night was a dance of taking care […]

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holiday grief

All The Feels:: Managing Holiday Grief

You know that song that says, “It’s the most wonderful time…of the year”? But…what if it’s not? It’s that time again when all things are merry and bright, sparkly and glittery, and the peppermint mocha lattes are in full swing. I have a wonderful family, three healthy kids, a great career, two dogs and a […]

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Kids and Racism:: One Mom’s Story

Moms, we can change the world for good simply by talking with and teaching our children about racism. We have to speak up. We have to have uncomfortable conversations. We can’t assume that our kids will “learn it in school.” Because it looks like they are learning something far more destructive that way. It’s time […]

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The First Step :: {Facing Mental Health Issues with Our Child} | Houston Moms Blog

The First Step :: {Facing Mental Health Issues with Our Child}

I should start by saying that yes, I contribute regularly to Houston Moms Blog. And no, I don’t usually publish anonymously. My reasons for doing so on this particular post, focusing on mental health issues with my child, are multi-faceted and complicated. Today.  Today was hard.  Today we turned a page in the book of […]

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Grandparents are Racist

My Kids’ Grandparents are Racist

I don’t remember the first time I consciously realized my parents are racist. In all reality there probably wasn’t a specific moment, but rather a slow, creeping realization that settled in over my adolescence. I remember a conversation in my early youth where my mother admitted she would prefer if I only dated Caucasian boys. […]

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