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You Might Live in Houston If...

You Might Live In Houston If…

Ahh, Houston. Our wonderful city. The fourth largest in the nation, and that’s technically not even counting all the suburbs.  A sprawling 627 square miles of awesome. Well, awesome and traffic. I’ve lived here my whole life, but as the years go by, I’ve met more implants. Welcome, y’all! But whether you’ve been here five years […]

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starbucks red cup

What’s In Your Red Cup?

It’s red cup time.  I know you know.  The Internet has been talking about them for weeks, and now it’s my turn.  No, not what the cup does or does not say about this time of year.  The important stuff. What’s in YOUR red cup??? If you know anything about me from social media, it’s […]

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my online sisterhood

My Online Sisterhood

The concept of “meeting people online” is not new to me.  I loved getting those AOL discs in high school and waiting for my parents to clear up the phone line so I could get online.  It was a joy to hear “You’ve Got Mail” and totally common to get hit with the “a/s/l” in […]

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HMB Book Club

HMB’s Book Club {July Review & August Voting}

July is over already!  How?  We both struggled with this book.  Not so much for content…but it’s summer time.  Here’s the reviews. >> Warning :: Reviews may contain spoilers! << :: Bre :: I totally spaced on what this book was about.  Honestly, I know if I liked the synopsis and the author {hello! it’s […]

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my car my rules

My Car, My Rules

The city of Houston is a little over 600 square miles, so it’s safe to say that most of us spend a fair amount of time in our cars.  Usually with little companions with us barking orders from the backseat.  This can lead to a powder keg of issues, but I live by a simple motto, […]

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HMB Book Club

HMB’s Book Club is…BACK!

We couldn’t let the summer approach without mentioning that Heather and Breonna will be hosting Houston Mom’s Blog Book Club once again.  New around here?  Not a problem!  Not much is required, and we know how busy everyone is – so it’s just one book a month selected by popular demand. We are also planning to have a […]

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