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Surviving Postpartum Depression

Surviving Postpartum Depression

Join me in popping the largest bottle of champagne I could find because Parker is ONE and WE SURVIVED. Everyone in my house is still alive. Not only are we alive, we are stronger than we thought we were a year ago. We are healthier, we are messier, we are sillier, and we love each other […]

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Motherhood Lonely

Motherhood is Lonely

Gosh, being a mom can be lonely. No one told me that. And when you are expecting your first baby, people tell you a lot of things. Some nuggets of advice you want to hear. Others just make you want to roll your eyes and excuse yourself from the conversation as quickly as possible. You […]

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The Glorification of Busy

The Day I Took Parenting Advice from Bravo

Several months ago, I was perusing Pinterest and came across a saying that really hit home for me. “Stop the glorification of busy.” These five words captured so many feelings I recently have had about this frenetic pace at which I’ve been running my life. Surely we aren’t intended to live such chaotic lives. So, […]

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Back to School Gifts {…yes, it’s a thing}

As if back to school season isn’t stressful enough, the Pinterest moms have decided to complicate it that much more. Someone out in the inter webs with more free time than you and me created adorable back to school gifts, and now they are a thing. And they’re a thing you probably need to do to make […]

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Pumping Guide - Featured

A Step-By-Step Guide to Pumping

After my first baby arrived and I realized I wanted to detach myself from him at times, I scurried to the Internet with one burning Google search… “How to start pumping.” And you know what I found….NOTHING! I could not find any resources explaining the basic steps for how to begin pumping. How to start from […]

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Mother In Law - Featured

Let Me Tell You About My Mother-in-Law…

We’ve all heard stories about that mother-in-law. The one that shows up at your doorstep unannounced. The one that is overly critical of everything that you do. The one that photobombed all of your first pictures of you holding your sweet newborn.  Or how about the one that waited two months before bothering to even […]

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Feeding New Parents - Featured

Feeding New Parents

As we all know, being in the newborn fog is tough. You aren’t sleeping, you are feeding on demand, and you have turned into a human burp rag overnight. Your living room looks like a bomb went off, the kitchen is a disaster, and your hospital bag is still where you dropped it when you […]

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