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Feeding Babies No More

Feeding Babies No More

I’m at the finish line. My last baby turns one in a few weeks, and I will breathe a sigh of relief and completion as the infant feeding chapter of my life comes to an end. Feeding babies has consumed my mental energy and emotions for much of the past six years, and I’m so […]

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Finding Your Tribe :: 10 Friends Every Mom Needs

I am in awe, and, I’ll admit, a little jealous of my three-year-old daughter’s ability to make friends. Everywhere we go, she sees other children and says – “Look Mommy! Friends!” We will be at the pool less than 15 minutes, and she’s engrossed in an intense game of princess make-believe with another little girl that […]

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When Your Child Asks About Mine

When Your Child Asks About Mine

We all know that children are naturally curious. And when they see my son G, they often stare. I see your daughter eyeing his wheelchair, trying to mentally process why he’s her size but can’t walk. I see your son, confused as to why G makes funny {and sometimes scary} noises but says no actual […]

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