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The Best Houston Coffee Shops | Houston Moms Blog

The Best Houston Coffee Shops

:: Photo Credit – Eighty Two Photography :: For many of us moms, coffee is what gets us going … and keeps us going all day long. The truth is, whether you’re a stay at home mom, a work-from-home mom, a corporate mom, or really any kind of mom, momming is exhausting. Coffee is the […]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity in Traffic with a Toddler | Houston Moms Blog

7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity in Traffic with a Toddler

There’s one thing that us Houstonians know a thing or two about … traffic. While traffic costs us a lot of time, fuel, and money, I’ve found that there are a few ways we can make commutes with kiddos more enjoyable.  So today, I’m sharing my tried and true tricks for maintaining sanity while stuck in traffic with a toddler. {Hint […]

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Garage Sale Tips & Tricks | Houston Moms Blog

Garage Sale Tips & Tricks

Two years after moving to Houston from Oregon, we finally went through our belongings and decided to host our first garage sale as a family. And not only did we make some money, but we also had fun doing it! So if you’re considering decluttering and making some cash, here are some garage sale tips and tricks to keep […]

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LGBT Pride :: How We Can All Celebrate! | Houston Moms Blog

LGBT Pride :: How We Can All Celebrate!

On May 31, President Obama made an official proclamation declaring June LGBT {Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender} Pride Month, calling Americans to celebrate the great diversity of the United States and to eliminate prejudice.  And here locally, the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration is happening today – June 24th. LGBT Pride, or Pride as it commonly known, has […]

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Healthy Eating - Stocking Up

Healthy Eating 101 :: Stocking Up!

Our family has recently made big changes to the way we eat. After watching several documentaries on food and nutrition, we decided to take control of what we put in our bodies with healthy eating habits. My wife and I started to educate ourselves about food production and have become conscious label readers. We started […]

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