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Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

First things first, I must apologize for not sharing this recipe last week when the weather was below freezing.  Instead of writing this post, I was with the rest of the Houston area at a local home improvement store searching for materials to wrap our pipes.  There is good news though – our local weather […]

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HMB Christmas Eve Gift

Holidays in Houston :: Christmas Eve Surprise!

Christmas Eve Surprise! This is only our second Christmas as a family of three, so our traditions are all new.  But I’m starting one this year that I’m particularly excited about… We open our gifts Christmas morning, after Santa has come and delivered his gifts.  But this year, I’ve wrapped a special present for my […]

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Surviving Bed Rest

Staying Sane on Bed Rest

While I’ll wait until my turn in the How I Became a Mother series to share my whole pregnancy story, I do want to discuss a small part of it now.  That part is the day I was told that my blood pressure was getting high and I needed to stay on bed rest. I […]

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Nutcracker Market

A Holiday Shopping Wonderland

Houston’s Nutcracker Market comes to town in just a little over a week!  And in our household, the holiday season doesn’t really start until there has been a serious shopping session at the Nutcracker.  I always stock up on Christmas decor, gifts for the family, and…well…gifts for me!  I’ve attended Houston’s Nutcracker Market every year […]

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We're just going to pretend she's not sharing her food with the cat, okay?

Coexisting :: Babies and Furbabies

Hi! My name is Heather, and I am a mom.  And a furmom.  When our sweet Skeeter was born last year, Mr. BUB and I were already proud parents to three furbabies – one cat and two dogs. One of my first concerns {after making sure she had ten fingers and ten toes} was how […]

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