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Memoirs on Motherhood | Houston Moms Blog

Memoirs on Motherhood

I spend a lot of time reading. Well, wait, let me be clear. I don’t have a lot of time these days. The time of lazy afternoons spent moving from one position to another on the couch or under a tree, while enjoying a book for hours have long passed. Reading typically looks like two […]

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The Spirit of Halloween | Houston Moms Blog

The Spirit of Halloween

I hustled the witch and the pteranodon down the steps and into the graveyard, careful not to trip over any of the ghosts that might be blocking our path. After adjusting reptile wings and a black fuzzy hat, I checked the light in my camera and changed my settings accordingly. I had the kids in the […]

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In Defense of Homework | Houston Moms Blog

In Defense of Homework

Last month, a Texas teacher broke the internet by sending a letter home to her students declaring that she would not be assigning homework this year. Parents around the country applauded the teacher, shared the post, and did everything short of throwing this woman a parade. Homework should be cast aside in favor of playing […]

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No News Is Good News | Houston Moms Blog

No News Is Good News

“Bye! Have fun! I love you!” I shouted at the retreating figure of my 10-year-old as he ran towards the door of my mother’s house for a sleepover. “Remember … no watching the news!” My mom loves the news. She watches it a few times a day. She says it helps her know what’s going […]

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The Mid-Summer Slump | Houston Moms Blog

The Mid-Summer Slump

It’s the middle of the summer. The house is a dump. The kids have devolved into something resembling several chapters from the worst part of Lord of the Flies, and I sit here in the floor, like Piggy holding the conch, fighting a losing battle to maintain some sort of order in the chaos but […]

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