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Forty Two Days and Cupcakes :: Acceptance of Childless Summers | Houston Moms Blog

Forty Two Days and Cupcakes :: Acceptance of Childless Summers

I stayed married several years longer than I should have. Because… holidays. Those sweet golden days sandwiched between long monotonous stretches of work and school. Summers and Christmas and Thanksgiving and Spring Break… they were they were the glue that held together the toxic social experiment that was my marriage. Understandably, people fear the dissolution […]

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Hurricane Season is Here Again:: Let's Get Ready | Houston Moms Blog

Hurricane Season is Here Again :: Let’s Get Ready

With hurricane season upon us, it is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with this meteorological menace. In true Jeopardy fashion – the answers are the questions and the questions are the answers. Play along with us for a moment. Ready? HURRICANE JEOPARDY Hurricanes for $200 Answer :: The date range June 1 of any […]

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My Unexpected Bundle of Joy

After having three children and reaching the age of 46, I was pretty certain that my parenting days were numbered and that there would be no new additions to our home. But I was wrong. It wasn’t planned; it just happened. Our bundle of joy arrived in July, weighing in at a solid 90 pounds […]

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