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Dear Superhero:: Call Your Mom

Dear Superhero, You are adventurous, sometimes fearless {much to Mimi’s dismay and your dad’s delight}. But your heart is tender and your words are kind. You are selective with your hugs, which makes them all the more valuable. You tell it like it is and your laugh is a chorus. Oh, dear nephew, don’t tell […]

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Changing the Sheets

Changing the Sheets

Less than an hour ago I held you for the last time. I felt your tears roll down my neck as you pressed your cheek against mine and your toddler fingers tangled in my hair. They told me that I’m not supposed to cry in front of you, that I need to put on a […]

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Breast Cancer

Cancer Scars:: A Survivor’s Daughter

We don’t talk about it. There are no parades or yearly celebratory posts. No bumper stickers or two-story pink ribbons adorning the front lawn. She prefers to keep it pretty quiet. Almost like it never happened. But for me? I remember it all too well. The first time I saw my father crack. The first […]

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