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Your Kid Just Came Out. Now What? | Houston Moms Blog

Your Kid Just Came Out. Now What?

The moment your child comes out to you is a huge moment. It is a moment that you both will remember forever, and that is a tough thing because not every parent who experiences that moment is ready or equipped for it. New data shows that roughly 8% of high school students report that they […]

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Life as a Heart Mama

I have stood next to the table in a pediatrician’s office, holding my breath as the doctor takes a second listen to what is probably an “innocent murmur”, watching her close her eyes and focus all her energy on the sound of that tiny rumbling heart; the very same heart that we thought was fine […]

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Things I Wish All Parents Knew

10 Truths I Wish All Parents Knew

#1 Every stage ends. Really, they all end. One day you will shower again. You will go on dates again. You’ll get your body back. You’ll sleep through the night. Your clingiest child will gain independence. You won’t be listening to stories about YouTube videos for the rest of your life. You won’t be spending […]

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