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Simple Act of Kindness

How a Simple Act Changed Me Forever

Recently, I had one of those days. You know the one…  My morning started out with a grouchy toddler who couldn’t be satisfied, no matter what I tried to do for him. Once I got in my car to take him to daycare, I realized my gas tank was beyond empty, and I was mad at […]

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Ruining My Child - Featured

5 Awesome Ways I’m Ruining My Child

According to certain parenting websites and the unsolicited advice of other moms, I am doing some pretty crazy things that will surely “ruin” my child.  They say these things are “detrimental” to my child’s development and social tendencies, but you know what I’d like to tell these parenting websites and advice givers? Go to…another website, […]

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Stuff Houston Moms Say

Stuff Houston Moms Say

Houston moms, we are something special! We have a certain code of dress {layers…to bundle up under in the brisk morning and then shed when the temps reach three degrees by lunch}, a particular diet {BBQ meets Tex-Mex meets whatever we can find in the pantry}, and we most definitely have our own vernacular here […]

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One…and I’m Done

When I got married, I knew we would get questions about when we were going to have children. Seven months after our wedding, I was pregnant…and seriously, as soon as I popped out my handsome son, I was immediately {maybe not immediately- it was about 2 months later} asked when I’d have another. I thought […]

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