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I Had a Father All Along…

{For just two weeks, we are handing over our computers to the men in our lives and turning this little piece of the world wide web into Houston Dads Blog!  Read along with their joys and their struggles, and find out why we are so very thankful to have these awesome dads in our lives.}   From Misty :: […]

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Leash Law - Featured

Leash Laws in Houston

Moms have LOTS in common.  But maybe none more than the fact that we want to protect and keep our babies safe.  It’s innate.  It’s what we do.  Don’t even try to get in our way.  Or TRY…and see what happens. Lately, I’ve encountered the same DANGER over and over again in my part of […]

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Step Mom

Hang in there, Step-Mom

Dear Step-Mom, We KNOW you’re out there.  We know many of you are reading.  And guess what we know most of all???  According to studies done, YOU are among the most vulnerable to depression, burn-out, and feeling like the outsider when it comes to moms.  Does it help you to know you are NOT alone?  […]

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More for Mom - Featured

More for Mom!

Being a mom is the BEST job on Earth.  Hands down.  It is a privilege, an honor.  Something that some women LONG for.  I had MUCH experience in longing for a child, so I don’t take lightly the fact that I am one, AT ALL.  But let’s face it…at the end of the day, we […]

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