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It’s the End of the Decade. EVERYONE PANIC

The decade meme It started out innocently enough. Someone on Twitter sent a tweet noting that the 20-teens were almost at an end and prompting people to reflect on what they had accomplished in the last decade. The tweet went viral with thousands of users, including mom-twitter and parenting-twitter, replying and laying out their ten-year […]

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Dear Homework

Dear Homework,

Dear Homework, Thank you so much for your many messages over the past few weeks since the kids started school! I thought I knew you pretty well but you’re throwing me some surprises this year – keeping things fresh, are you!? TBH you’re coming on pretty strong but I’m trying to adjust to the new […]

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Houston Moms Blog

Homecoming 101

When I first moved to Houston in July 2017 and started to make friends, I started to hear talk about “Homecoming.” I had heard about Homecoming from movies and TV, but had always assumed it was just another name for Prom. I could not have been more wrong!  My first clue about Homecoming :: the […]

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Step Aside Sephora | Houston Moms Blog

Step Aside Sephora

Step aside Sephora, Momma’s out of milk and mascara and only has time to make one stop! That’s a true story, and one I faced recently. As I grabbed said mascara en route to the express H.E.B. check out, I realized that over the past year, I have replaced all my my beloved Sephora products […]

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Diva Cup

Tips and Tricks from a Diva Cup Mentor

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the water! Sounds fun, but for moms, all the water play can be dampened by our *special* monthly circumstances. I don’t know about you, but I hate the thought of having to change a tampon while struggling with a wet swimsuit in a questionably clean bathroom- bonus […]

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An Ode to My Older Friends | Houston Moms Blog

An Ode to My Older Friends

The other day, I had an astonishing realization. Since moving to Houston in July 2017, I have made many more older female friends. I don’t know if this is a side effect of being a trophy wife available during the day or what, but at 45 and with young kids {and youthful personality, I hope}, I […]

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