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The Alphabet Soup of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean {VBAC} Delivery

NOTE:: This post relates to women who have had one prior Cesarean delivery and a known lower transverse uterine incision. Putting the letters together! CD—Cesarean delivery TOLAC—Trial of labor after a Cesarean. This refers to the process of attempting to have a vaginal delivery after having had a prior Cesarean delivery. VBAC—Vaginal birth after Cesarean. This […]

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“Sit Down, Mommy!” and Other Sage Advice from a Two Year Old

Toddlers… They play hard, love hard, nap hard, and feel allllll the feelings hard. Having two-year-old twins is challenging me in ways I never knew I could be challenged. I have asked my friends and colleagues for advice on getting through the ‘terrible twos‘ and have tried desperately to prepare myself, but I have recently come […]

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Let's Talk about Sex {While Pregnant), Baby! | Houston Moms Blog

Let’s Talk about Sex {While Pregnant}, Baby!

As an OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy specialist, there is one topic that my pregnant patients rarely ever discuss with me. It is a topic that I am sure every woman thinks about during pregnancy. Sex! I don’t blame them, though. During a routine prenatal visit so many other things are being discussed that I […]

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