Beat Summer Boredom with these Unique Play Date Ideas

Play dates are so much fun. There is nothing better than having some mommy friends over and letting the kids hang out while the adults talk. Although sometimes these little get-togethers can be repetitive {and that is okay}, here are some fun play date ideas for you to try with your kiddos.

Beat Summer Boredom with these Unique Play Date Ideas | Houston Moms Blog

My first indoor car track. I’ve gotten better.

Indoor Play Dates

Whether you are looking to entertain due to weather conditions (rain, heat/humidity, etc) check out these fun & easy indoor activities.

  •    Balloons. What kids doesn’t like balloons?! Blow up a bunch of balloons in a room and let their imagination run wild.
  •    Cars. Have you ever used painter’s tape to make a car track on the floor? If not, you need to try it out. You can make it as easy as a simple track, or go crazy and utilize legos to build landscaping, buildings, etc. The possibilities are endless. 
  •    Ball Pit. Last summer I took a kiddie pool in one of our extra spare bedrooms and filled it up with balls. It lasted all summer and the kids had a blast!! Want to go one step further? If you have an outdoor slide, clean it off and bring it inside to the ball pit and you have a slided ball pit area!! {Hint… you can also utilize the balloons with the ball pit}.
  • Book Club. Meet with mom and other littles once a week and have a reading time/discussion. Decide on which book you want to read {can be geared towards their reading level}. Read at home and then when you all meet, have an activity based on that book. 
  • Movie Date. Invite friends over for a movie and popcorn {or any other movie type snack}. Bring blankets or lawn chairs to sit. 
  • Dress Up. Princesses, Princes, Pirates or Super Heros. There are themed dress up play dates for all ages. Fun and easy for all. 
  • Meet Up at any local Houston indoor attraction. The Children’s Museum, The Downtown Aquarium, the trampoline park… there are many to choose from. 


Outdoor Play Dates

If you want {or need} to head outdoors, check out these fun outdoor play date ideas ::

  • Water Fun. Check out the many splash pads Houston has to offer.
  • Scavenger Hunt. You can make this as complex or as simple as you want, based on the ages of your children.
  • Bubbles. Another fun activity that pleases any age! Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Check out this DIY bubble recipe. If you want simplicity, purchase this fun bubble machine {we got ours at Target}. 
  • Pool Noodles. They aren’t just for water fun. We love to cut them in half and play “light sabers”. Check out more pool noodle fun ideas.
  • Sidewalk Chalk. You can practice all sorts of stuff with chalk. Outline each others shadows, trace hands, etc. Then, when you are all done, have the kids spray the chalk down {and each other}.
  • Park. Check our the many parks Houston has to offer.

 What play date ideas would you add to this list?

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