Birthday Bash Box:: The Perfect Houston-Based 501(c)3 For Your Amazon Smile

Birthday Bash Box:: The Perfect Houston-Based 501(c)3 For Your Amazon SmileThe mission of Birthday Bash Box is simple:: every child celebrates their birthday!

Seante Johnson is a University of Houston Top Four under 40 after our own Houston Moms hearts. Johnson has always known she wanted to work with children. As a UH Cougar, Seante studied hospitality, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management. “I was in Moody Towers, telling people I was going to start a nonprofit when I retired,” she says, “I had no idea it would happen this soon!”

It turns out, her mama would serve as the inspiration. “My mom worked in education and nonprofit, I have a lot of family in education.” Seante credits her family for instilling a love of learning. 

The Houston native also developed a soft spot for birthday parties

How Birthday Bash Box Began

After college, Seante’s mom told her the story of a little girl who used to attend her birthday parties. “It turned out, we had the same birthday but she never had a party.” The little girl’s parents simply couldn’t afford one.

The UH Alumni asked herself, “How can I make sure every child’s birthday is celebrated, even when their parents are going through a financial crisis?”

Every child, mamas! Each and every child deserves to be celebrated on their special day- even when their parents are going through a hardship. We can all agree on that, right? 

Birthday Bash Box was founded in 2018 and started serving children just one year later. Today, the Houston-based 501(c)3 has gifted birthday celebrations to 810 children! 

This is more than a birthday gift:: Birthday Bash Box is giving children an entire social-emotional learning experience!

What’s In The Box?

Everything you need to start a party!Birthday Bash Box

Delivered right to your door is everything you need to bake a cake- a delicious cake mix, cake pan, icing, and birthday candles! The box also includes a party hat, a candy-filled miniature piñata, one or two gifts, two to three books, and a bookmark. 

“Reading was always important to me. My cousins and I would play word games, we would try to learn as many words as we could.”  The bookmark is covered in reading strategies for parents and kids. 

For that extra special surprise, the Birthday Bash Box is stuffed with helium-filled balloons that pop out when opened. So, mamas, let your kid open the box!

How Can I Sign Up?

BirthdayBashBox.Org is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. They’re dedicated to helping parents in Houston to celebrate their child’s birthday during times of economic hardship. You must apply for assistance- you can also nominate someone else’s child!

Just go to their site and hit “Apply”. Enter all of your contact information, your relationship to the Birthday Child and their contact information, and preferences on cake flavor and reading interests. If the child you nominate is chosen, you will be contacted quickly. 

“There’s really no part of Houston we don’t serve. We’ve delivered all around Greater Houston.”

What Can I Do To Help?

Seante started Birthday Bash Box with just one birthday per month, at one school, in all of Houston. “I’m not really sure how I’m going to get there, but I really want this to go nationwide.”

Birthday Bash Box relies on the donations of many amazing and local Houston businesses. “We are totally donation-based. We rely on our sponsors!”

Houston Moms can donate directly through their website with one-time, monthly, quarterly, and annual donations. Local businesses and organizations can help with the Toy and Party Supply Drive

Even easier?

Just go to! In the upper left-hand corner of your screen, click on “Supporting” and search “Birthday Bash Box”. Now, each time you shop on Amazon Smile, .05% of your purchase will go directly to the cause!

You can also use Amazon Smile on the Amazon App!


We know Houston moms will want to make sure every child in Houston is celebrated on their birthdays. Birthday Bash Box is making that easier than ever! 

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