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Progress Report :: Does this New Homeschool Mom Make the Grade?

Homeschooling wasn’t an activity I envisioned sharing with my offspring.  I’m not a natural teacher. I’m also pretty selfish with my time.  Also, math. EW.  I’m not even that maternal, most days. I LOVE my kids. Real hard. But big love doesn’t always translate to the ability to sew a stuffed animal’s rear limb back […]

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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month:: What You Should Know

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. What is a learning disability, aka LD? ‘Learning disabilities’ is an umbrella term used to describe several different types of learning challenges. Learning disabilities are not the same as learning problems, which occur due to vision/hearing/motor issues.  Oftentimes, learning disabilities are recognized and diagnosed during the school years. However, […]

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Adopting a New Mindset:: Supporting Educators

After years of paperwork, home studies, and tears, it finally happened—we adopted! But not the way we had imagined. We chose to adopt a lovely teacher at a local Katy elementary campus who is a fellow foster mom. We followed suit as hundreds in the community circled educators and embraced them during a time that […]

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