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The 5th Vital Sign

The 5th Vital Sign:: Everything Your Period Can Tell You

As a gynecologist and infertility specialist, I can launch into chatting about periods, hormones and menstrual cycles easier than I can make conversation about the weather {true fact}. Partly, I love bringing up this topic because I am so aware, through personal conversations, professional experiences and my own research, that there are so many common […]

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Childhood Cancer Awareness:: How You Can Support the Cause

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is symbolized by a gold ribbon. The color gold represents the preciousness of children.  What Is Childhood Cancer? Childhood cancer, also referred to as pediatric cancer, encompasses dozens of diseases. It can refer to any cancer found in children, teens, or young adults. The most […]

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Simple Summer Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are the ultimate meal on the go. With a little planning, they can be really healthy and homemade, too! This summer {or all year round if you’re anything like me}, you can whip up these delicious and nutritious smoothie treats for the whole family. My love of smoothies started when I was a young […]

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