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“I Know What You Guys Do Secretly After We Go to Bed.”

It was one of those nice afternoons when the little one was taking a nap, the oldest was upstairs reading, and my seven-year-old daughter was playing quietly with her mystery blind bags in the family room. I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and enjoying a peaceful moment when she broke the silence.  “I […]

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When #5 Turns 5:: 5 Motherhood Lessons I’ve Learned

I​ have a bruise on the top of my forehead today where a child dropped a back-scratcher-doubling-as-a-baton on my face while I was lying down. There’s a scar on my lower abdomen that basically looks like the pale, wrinkled version of the “meh” emoji. And I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t tired. […]

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A Love Letter to Preemie Moms

World Prematurity Day:: A Love Letter to Preemie Moms

November 17th is World Prematurity Day, which is a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the causes and effects of babies born too soon. According to the World Health Organization, more than 15 million babies are born prematurely each year world wide and approximately 1 million die from complications of prematurity. Here in the United […]

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How to find the best child care

How Houston Moms Find the Best Child Care Specialists for Their Families

We are proud to partner with The Motherhood Center to share with Houston Moms how they can find the perfect child care specialists for their families.When I was pregnant with our first baby, I wanted to find a local resource that was all encompassing in terms of education, knowledge and expertise surrounding all things baby […]

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Houston Moms "Rest In Peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg:: A True Champion for Moms and Females Everywhere" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Rest In Peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg:: A True Champion for Moms and Females Everywhere

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born in 1933, died September 18, 2020. She fought valiantly throughout her life for things we take for granted now. She was a renegade for women and moms everywhere. As a student of Harvard Law School, graduating from Columbia Law, she raised a daughter, aced her classes, earned her […]

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Parenting in a Pandemic:: Is There a Magic Recipe for Working Mamas?

Being a first-time mom in my mid-30s has its pros and cons, one of the biggest advantages having been the opportunity to watch many of my friends transition into motherhood before my own turn came. Between these observations, advice from friends and mentors, and so many “women in medicine” and “work-life balance” seminars, I have […]

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