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Hop Around Houston with iRise Trampoline & Fitness Park

Join us as we Hop Around Houston with our title sponsor Next Level Urgent Care!  First stop in our summer play date series… >>> iRise Trampoline & Fitness Park <<<   For this play date, we are so excited to be taking over iRise Trampoline & Fitness Park – the premier trampoline play land in the […]

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The Things I Swore I’d Never Do :: A Parenting Lesson in Humility

Confession I was THAT lady. You know the one I’m talking about: The childless woman whose imaginary children were perfection personified…who had an answer to every hypothetical parenting scenario…who worked with children and, therefore, KNEW ALL THE ANSWERS TO ALL THE QUESTIONS. Yeah, you know the lady I’m talking about, and I’m sure you know […]

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Let’s Hop Around Houston! {Summer 2018 Play Date Series}

Houston Moms Blog is absolutely thrilled to present our Hop Around Houston Summer Play Date Series! {Join our events group here!} Beginning the week of June 18th and coming to a close the week of August 5th, we will host a new and unique play date at regular intervals throughout the summer. From cooking to trampoline […]

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Cool Off This Summer at These Houston Area Splash Pads

It’s coming y’all … that infamous Houston heat has already started making its ghastly appearance, complete with dripping humidity reminiscent of the deepest, darkest corners of the rainforest. There are mornings when I walk out my door, kids in tow, and feel like I’ve walked straight into Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, “The horror!  The horror!” […]

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How Disciplining My Child Made My Marriage Unruly | Houston Moms Blog

How Disciplining My Child Changed My Marriage

“Get in the car or I’m going to lose my ever-living mind!!” Toddlers push buttons. Some toddlers are super master-level craze-inducing minions {balanced with being perfect angels of course}. We had two toddlers in the house, and they took turns melting down, flipping out, bolting off in parking lots, throwing out of this world fits, […]

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The Postpartum Anxiety Club :: All are Welcome. I’ll Bring the Snacks.

It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep.  Which is odd, because my pillow is lumpy in the right places, my sheets are off-brand silky, and my down comforter is somewhat clean {kids, eh?}. The only sound disturbing the night is the sweet hum from the diffuser as it spews out its lavender goodness.  But that’s […]

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