Daddy’s Girls & Lessons Learned

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Houston has some great dads. No doubt. I hope you’ll allow me to say that the dad we’ve got over here is the best. He has been a hands-on dad from day one. He loves to tell that he changed our oldest’s diaper before I did. It’s true, he did. That is because this guy has such a teachable spirit about him, so the NICU nurses taught him. He is humble and willing to admit he doesn’t know everything, especially about GIRLS! He has, however, learned a thing or two over the years. Read on for a little wisdom from my Spouse. Happy Father’s Day, Houston Dads!

I love being a Dad to my two girls. All the cliches about “Daddy’s Girls” are true in this house. Fortunately, the learning curve on being a “Girls’ Daddy” is a steep one, these girls are so forgiving and so willing to help me navigate the female waters of which I am so unfamiliar. We only get one shot with these little ladies and I’ve learned a few things along the way.


Lessons Learned
{in no particular order}

Real men paint nails.
I have painted nails and braided hair.
I haven’t mastered that french braid yet, but my regular braid is killer.

“Fine” is not a compliment.
As in, “That’s looks fine, let’s go!”
Men – do not say this.
{Acceptable Adjectives :: beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, radiant, exquisite…not fine.}


They watch how I work.
I don’t “have” to go to work. I “get” to go to work.

I can’t sing. Or dance. Or clap.
Every time I break in to spontaneous song, I get, “Dad. Stop. Just stop. You are bruising my ears.”
This didn’t start until about 10 years old.

Girls smell so much better than boys.
And they care!

I’ve learned to wait.

Sports equipment will cost you more when you buy the pink.
Softball bat, glove, cleats, soccer ball, etc. All of it costs about 15% more in pink.
And you will buy the pink, eventually.


Taylor Swift.
Yes. I mean I’ve learned Taylor Swift.
And Let It Go.
Maybe Taylor Swift should

Girls plan their weddings long before boys know they exist.
Boys have no clue. These wedding plans will change over the years, but make no mistake, plans are in the works.


Girls are not as humored by body functions as boys.
I will never understand this.

It’s not hard to be their hero.
As the dad of girls, you have a fast track to hero status.
This does not always sit well with the First Woman of the House.


I caught this little hammerhead while paddle boarding in Florida. He’s small, but when my girls tell the story, “My Dad Caught a Shark on His Paddleboard” – he’s a BEAST! Securing my hero status a while longer.

You might do things like carry a Hello Kitty Backpack.
I did. Proudly. In Talladega, Alabama, no less.

How I treat my wife matters.
I set the standard for future suitors. This is terrifying.
These girls comment often on how much I love their mom.


Girls have more equipment than any NFL team.
Hairdryer, flat iron, curling iron, body wash, body scrub, bows, hair ties, bobby pins, lip gloss, make up, special razors, and special brushes…
One time, my 9 year old daughter had 27 bobby pins in her hair. Twenty-seven!?

Do not assume anything.
Not all shampoos and soaps are created equal.

Girls remember everything you say.
“Rub some dirt in it, Dad.” Nice.

Never say “Never.”
I never thought I’d buy an Eddie Murphy movie for my kids to watch. {Daddy Day Care.}

Being shirtless is the same as being naked.
Maddy went to church once and told the Sunday School teacher, “My daddy was naked in the bed this morning!”
Good times.

I stopped being funny when they got to around age 9.

Little girls {and big girls} do not like facial stubble.
An exclamation heard often around here, “Daddy, you need to shave! It scratches my face!”

Girls do not need a {rational} reason to cry.
They just need permission.

The Twirl Factor is real.
A lot of little girls need their dresses to twirl. Need.


“Look at me, Daddy!” means, “Say I’m beautiful, Daddy!”

Never, NEVER, let them get tired or hungry.
This is the number one lesson learned in marriage and parenting.
Do not discount this. Key phrases like, “I could eat something.” or “Are you hungry?” or even “I could use a snack.” These all sound like this is a non-emergency. Do not be deceived. This is a warning! Do not waste time. Feed immediately and then assess the situation to determine if rest is required and act accordingly.


I mean, right?! How many of you have learned the hard way to read shampoo bottles?

Let’s hear from you, Dads! What have you learned by being a dad of girls?

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4 Responses to Daddy’s Girls & Lessons Learned

  1. Janis June 10, 2014 at 9:59 am #

    Awesome! These are good and funny! 🙂

    • Barbara June 10, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

      One proud mama of this dad and those beautifully girls included their mama. Love ya guys.

  2. Debbie Ismer June 10, 2014 at 8:09 pm #

    Soooo adorable! Thank you for sharing with all of us! God bless the Happy Hales!!

  3. Jonathan Collier October 27, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

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