Easy & Fun DIY Personalized Halloween Teacher Gifts

Listen, I understand that teachers don’t need gifts for every single holiday {and I’m certainly not “one of those moms”}, but if I can make something fun out of giving them a few items I know they could use, I’m going to do it. Teachers work hard at preparing our precious angels for the future, so I think they at least deserve to be well-supplied with materials. This is why I really like to give our teachers a little something at Halloween. It falls smack dab in the middle of the first semester. It’s between the First Day of School and winter break, which are both traditional gift-giving occasions.

This gift was FUN & EASY to put together. I also like to think that our teachers will really appreciate us giving them a mix of items they NEED along with a small treat that they’ll enjoy.

With some help from my children knowing what their teachers like and the school support staff telling me what they need, I was able to create the perfect gift for my sons’ teachers.  Plus, I got everything I needed for the gifts at just two stores, Target and Michael’s. These adorable buckets were in the $3 section at Target… #MomWin

Target Shopping List

Bucket, $3 each
Gold Letter Stickers, 97 count for $5
Black Tissue Paper, $1.25
Candy Corn, $2.49
Candy Corn flavored M&M’s, $3
Printer Paper, 500 count for $5.41
No. 2 Pencils, 24 count for $1.99
Sticky Notes, $2.32
Highlighters, 4 count for $4
Erasers, 2 count for $0.50

Michael’s Shopping List

Candy bags, 18 count for $2.09
Candy Corn Ribbon {for candy bags}, $1.19
Candles {found on Clearance}, $3.50

Tip 1 :: This gift is really easy to scale up or scale down. If you don’t want to spend this much on each teacher, I would recommend buying a smaller bucket so you don’t have as much room to fill.

Tip 2 :: Candles can be really expensive. Look for candles on clearance or look for the mini candles. You could also use your pile of 20% off Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons and buy their Yankee Candles.

Tip 3 :: To make this gift a little more personalized, try to find out your teacher’s favorite candy or snack and add that to the bucket. For example, one of these buckets will have a Mountain Dew in it – one of the teacher’s favorites

Tip 4 :: Save a lot of money by shopping for off {or generic} brands. I absolutely love the Target brand! It saves me a lot of money, and in my opinion, the quality is just as good as the others.

Tip 5 :: Start with the buckets and then just have fun with it. Your child may know of some fun things that their teacher likes, or you can call the school’s office or ask another teacher. !

What would you add or take away from this gift? We would love to know your ideas!


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