Easy, Affordable Star Wars Birthday Party Favors

Just like that, he’s turning five and trading Dusty Crophopper for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and super hero capes for light sabers. I’m pretty sure he requested a Star Wars themed birthday party the second his 4th birthday was over.

The thing is … something happened in the last five years, or should I say somethings or “someones” that changed my birthday party planning game. I can get down with a good Pinterest party, but these days, I’m lucky to show up on time and looking somewhat decent! So we outsourced the entertainment, food, and decor {or lack thereof}, and simply showed up during our time slot and had some fun with friends.

I had to somehow theme this thing though, right? So I decided that the cake and favors would serve that purpose. We carefully placed a few Star Wars characters on what I called “galactic balloons” that sat on top of the HEB cookie cake, and I combined a few Pinterest ideas to make easy and affordable Star Wars party favors. Between the favors and family Star Wars shirts from Target, we managed to win over a five-year-old and a few of his closest friends.

Star Wars Party Favors

Yoda’s Yummy Jedi Master Snack Mix Party Favors


  1. Cardstock – olive green for Yoda {find traceable template here}, and white for snack mix ingredient cards
  2. Plastic treat bags
  3. Ribbon
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Chewy granola bars
  6. Fruit snacks
  7. Starbursts
  8. Fun-size gummy bears
  9. Fun-size M&M’s
  10. Glow sticks
  11. Star Wars stickers {optional}


  1. Print Yoda from template, trace onto olive green cardstock, and cut out.
  2. Use hot glue gun to attach Yoda to treat bags.
  3. Print copies of Yoda’s Yummy Jedi Master Snack Mix HERE and cut to size. {I chose the option to print more per page to have smaller tags.}



  1. Hire some help. Or at the very least bribe your worker with a shorter quiet time and perhaps some sampling.
  2. Make an assembly line of fillings.
  3. Stuff bags and eat Death Star-bursts!


If Yoda were here, I imagine he would speak something like this…

Affordable and easy, these party favors are. Do. Or do not. {make these for your next party} There is no try. 

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