Educational Apps for Kids of All Ages

During this weird homeschool, stay at home, quarantine time, educational apps and websites are very important to keep the kids busy. We have compiled the best list of apps you can download on your kids’ devices, which makes you feel better for letting them have more screen time than normal. This list is for toddler to elementary school ages and beyond. 

The best part about these websites is most of them are offering their sites for our use for free or heavily discounted so that our kids can continue to be educated while we are socially distancing ourselves. Be sure to check with your school districts to see if they have memberships or subscriptions to these sites that can help you log in or sign up!

If you have found a website or app that we need to check out, let us know in the comments! 

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ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is offering a great 30 day free trial for their awesome educational app and website. When you sign up, you get to set the level for your child, so it is full of age-appropriate games, books, assignments, and more. Check it out! 

Get 30 Days Free of!

Khan Academy for Kids

A teacher friend recommended this to me and I love it! Both of my girls, preschool and elementary school age, love their age level assignments and games. This is great for kids ages 1-13. 

PBS Kids Games

My kids are actually learning while playing games based on their favorite PBS Kids shows. They love the Clifford game, the Pinkalicious game, and the Odd Squad games. 

Learning Games for Toddlers

This is a great resource I just found that helps preschoolers practice their ABC’s, spelling, and reading through puzzle games. I love this app for my preschooler. 


This is a language app that has helped my kids learn a bit of Spanish and French. Even just 5 or 10 minutes a day has helped them. This is great for kids and adults of all ages. 


We have this app through the school district and it has helped my elementary school kiddo with her math facts and word problems. She could to Prodigy all day long if I let her! 

Raz Kids

We also have this reading app through the school district. They have a reward each year for the kids who read 150 books by the end of April and thanks to Spring Break and quarantine, we’ve met that goal and then some! They listen to the book, read the book, and then answer questions based on what they read. 


Evernote is a great app to help older kids (preteen-teenager ages) learn how to take notes, organize their studies, and stay on schedule for their assignments. 


The TED talks app is a great resource for kids of all ages. They have information and lectures on all subjects and is worth a glance around to find what your kid is interested in. 


I would be remiss if I didn’t put Youtube on this list. While it can be a great time waster, it can also be a great educational resource for your kid. Whether you are doodling with Mo Willems, hearing countless authors reading their books, checking out the daily lessons from the Children’s Museum of Houston, or doing kids yoga on Cosmic Kids, Youtube is super valuable. For kids 7 and older, check out The Science Mom’s Youtube Channel for great Science and Math lessons. 

Check out these fun apps as well::

While these are not technically educational apps, my kids also love Jr. Chef, a cooking and baking app, Joy Doodle, which is a drawing app, Woody, which is a block Tetris game, and this kids word search

What educational apps are your kids playing on? What else are you doing to pass the time? 

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Houston Moms "Houston Moms Ultimate Guide to Quarantine Resources" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

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Houston Moms Blog "Education Apps for Kids of All Ages" #houstonmomsblog #houstonmoms #momsaroundhouston

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