The Perfect App For When You Just Can’t As a Mom

Many moments in the last 15 months of my son’s life have left me speechless. The time he simultaneously peed into both mine AND his own face. When he had cat-like reflexes and pulled a diaper out from under his bottom resulting in a large poop landing smack on his stomach. And my favorite, when I came back from a Mexican vacation to find that there had been a small mishap … and he had broken his leg. {He is fine now, but that stress-free Mexican vibe wasn’t so fortunate to make it after that news.}

To say motherhood has many moments where you are left without words is an understatement. Which is why the new emoji keyboard EmojiMom is a fun and easy way to express yourself. It is also another baby-related invention that makes me pouty for not thinking of it myself. It has emojis across the board from conception to breastfeeding to working mom/SAHM emotions. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” could not be truer in this case.

Gone are the days of getting creative and having to express yourself by combining the regular emotions. Everything is neatly packaged up into one simple picture. There are 250+ emojis to choose from, and these, well, these are the ones that sold me on being an EmojiMom…

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

This could’ve been my Facebook profile picture for several months. I had the WORST morning sickness. It went away eventually, but for awhile I wasn’t sure if I would ever enter a room and not immediately scope out where the nearest trashcan was located.

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

“Pregnancy pants are the most attractive item of clothing I will ever wear,” said no woman ever. I bought one pair and realized I was better off using my trusty belly band over my unbuttoned pants. Classy? Maybe not, but it saved me a lot of money and kept me from wearing pants that had major bottom sag.

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

Oh, the good ol’ Weekly Fruit Milestones. Back in the day when I had lengths of time to read for longer than 2 minutes, I would read up on each week and the changes and development occurring inside with the baby. It was always fun to know my avocado had grown to a coconut. But did anyone ever get an update of a fruit/vegetable you had never heard of before? Or should I pay attention more while in the grocery store?

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

Now this could’ve been my Facebook profile picture for 3 months after he arrived. I made it a point to shower each morning and put on some light make-up and a gym outfit {the one that says I INTEND to work out, but probably won’t}, but by the end of the day, a second shower always felt necessary.

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

“The darkness is coming.” No, it’s not a typo my Game of Thrones friends; I didn’t mean “Winter.” The first weeks {months} you are waking up in the middle of the night, and it’s more than likely just you and the baby. Aside from some legit bonding time, there are times where you assume various roles: food source, clean-up crew, problem-solver, etc., all while the rest of the world is peacefully dreaming. A friend once shared that every evening as it got dark she would get anxious as to what that night would bring. ‘The darkness is coming” is what we would text one another. It was a lighthearted way to know we weren’t alone and that it was okay to feel anxious. You are getting into a groove as a new mom. I am proud to say I no longer fear the darkness coming. In fact, I sometimes welcome it when the Grump Monster is visiting.

EmojiMom :: The Perfect App For When You Just Can't As a Mom | Houston Moms Blog

I gave breastfeeding a go and was semi-successful. I say semi because I did it for 12 weeks, but it was all exclusively pumping and each day was a struggle. Other exclusive pumpers know that this is double the work when it comes to feeding baby. So those times I did knock the bottle over I felt like falling into a puddle of self-pity mush.

I highlight these emojis because I truly believe the app creators were kidding when they threw these in the keyboard. Who has time to choose and send these in a text?? If you do, then my hat is off to update how far apart your contractions are or to keep a tally on the number of times your child has woken up in one night.

Well done, mom, well done.

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