Five Reasons to UNPLUG at Camp Olympia this Summer

Spring is definitely in the air in Houston, which means families are already thinking about their plans for the nearing summer.  Our friends at Camp Olympia are gearing up for what will definitely be a memorable summer, and below are just a handful of reasons why both kids and parents are including Camp Olympia in their 2018 summer itinerary. 

1} Campers Can UNPLUG

Ringing true to their 2018 theme, Camp Olympia desires to see each and every one of their campers “unplug.”  Unplug from the outside distractions of the world, unplug from devices, unplug from the games, unplug from the television, unplug from the pressures of being a child, unplug from the stresses of being a student AND really just  “plug” into the safe and free way of thinking.  They affectionately refer to this way of thinking as the “Camp Bubble” at Camp Olympia.  This said “camp bubble” refers to the way that camp exists in a space and time that seems separate from the outside distractions of the world.  We especially love this and found ourselves wishing they had some availability for adult campers.  Turns out, Camp Olympia does offer a lot of special events throughout the year for parents and families to attend.


Our friends at Camp Olympia believe the power of being unplugged at camp comes from the relationships, growth and fun campers have while there. They realize that the “real connections” are made possible by the absence of screens and the increase in face-to-face time with others. Campers are motivated to tap into others as well as themselves. Sure summer camp doesn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean that the individual growth of each campers as well as the relationships made at camp comes to a halt at the end of summer.  It’s the opposite actually!  No doubt, the relationships, the friendships and the memories will last much longer than any cell phone or iPad battery will.

3} Location, Location, Location

Camp Olympia’s location just can’t be beat. Surrounded by the tall and gorgeous pine trees of East Texas, Camp Olympia is just a short one and a half hours away from Houston on beautiful Lake Livingston.  The lake, of course, makes for loads of fun water activities for camper.  The top-ranked Whispering Pines Golf Club also neighbors the camp and allows for Camp Olympia to offer a unique and one-of-a-kind golf camp for any of the little golfers in your life. 

4}  Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Camp Olympia has been selected as one of the Top 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids by the Early Childhood Education Zone, the go-to site for early childhood education information. They are also ACA {American Camp Association} accredited.  They know that every parent out there sends their child away with at least a tiny bit of worry about his/her well-being which is why safety is a top priority at Camp Olympia. ACA accreditation is a voluntary and rigorous risk management process that Camp Olympia participates in to prevent illness or injury to campers and to have solid plans if an emergency does occur. While no environment is risk free, we love the measures that Camp Olympia has in place to help ensure the safest environment for our kids. Camp Olympia provides a supervised, positive environment with controlled boundaries to help children grow, and all parents are invited to follow along via the Internet.  Daily updates, as well as tons and tons of pictures, are provided for parents each day on a secure, password protected site.

5} Campers Grow with Individualized Attention

Camp Olympia, with their very low counselor to camper ratio of 1:4, is dedicated to helping each camper feel special and welcome. Their goal is to have someone always present to provide encouragement for each and every camper. We love that the counselors and camp staff are dedicated to serving as role models for the campers and being that someone that the campers look up to and lean on while they are away from their parents.  Camp Olympia takes great pride in selecting their counselors each year — counselors, mostly college students with an average age of 20, are required to complete an extensive Counselor Training School prior to summer so they are fully aware of expectations, the programming, and the safety protocols and policies. 

In addition to building those real connection with other people, Camp Olympia knows that the individual growth of each camper is just as important. With that in mind, character-building is a top priority as they realize that developing values is a key component to a well-rounded education as children learn responsibility and cooperation while gaining independence and confidence. In an effort to make sure that every camper finds something that they enjoy doing and that they are good at, Camp Olympia offers over over 45 various activities. Each camper is bound to find something they enjoy. Whether you have a water-child who wants to learn to fish, learn to ski, or learn to sail OR you have an athletic-child who is into sports, golf, or lacrosse, they can try it all out at Camp Olympia. There’s no doubt life-long hobbies can and will evolve from a week {or weeks!} at Camp Olympia. Feel free to check out their full list of activities for yourself here.

Connect with Camp Olympia and we promise you’ll fall in love too. 

Want to learn even more about Camp Olympia?  Then check them out for yourself at their upcoming Open House on March 24, 2018. 

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