Fun Gift Ideas for Grown Ups Available On Amazon for Under $20

Thinking of gift ideas for grownups that won’t blow a budget is a challenge. We have lots of options, all available on Amazon for less than $20.

The season for gift giving has arrived! And like every season before this one, I am squinting my eyes, tapping the right side of my chin with an un-manicured index finger, and tilting my head up and to the left as one does when they are in search of answers to all the good questions. If you are like me, you LOVE a good gift card – but you also LOVE to gift people – a perfectly thought out something that they probably didn’t even realize they needed in their lives.

So, to help you on your journey, here is a list of 10 gift ideas, inexpensive but minimum 4 stars shopping cart worthy items in near alpha order that just might make someone in your life happy this season.

A Baby Tree. It is also a little {long term} project. But who doesn’t love trees. Shade. And oxygen. This is a winner. $6.99 Sidenote :: This is the only product that did not have any reviews. 

The Bamboo Bath Caddy. This little doozie comes equipped with a book/tablet holder, cellphone tray, wineglass holder and extending sides. $23.99 

A Blanket with Sleeves and a Pocket. Perhaps you know someone who is always chilly… and loses the remote while watching their television shows. Well, the Pavilia Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves will hit the spot. $20.99 

The Magic Wallet. A friend of mine received this little contraption as a gift. She whipped it out one day and I watched in amazement as she opened and closed this little contraption and the money flipped or maybe the elastic bands flipped. I am not sure… I think it was magic. Maybe I am easily amazed, but this thing is like the Cirque de Soleil of wallets. $12.99 

Playing Cards. The GIANT JUMBO kind. Full disclosure :: I bought these for a family trip and my people fussed the whole time. BUT watching the ridiculousness of everyone having to hold and manipulate a hand of poster board sized playing cards still tickles my heart. $11.97 

The Shower Squeegee. Because anything that can make cleaning a little less terrible cannot be bad. $12.99 

The Tile Mate. For the person that can never find their keys. Ok… I am this person. But I know a few too. $12.99 

A Travel Wallet. For the organized traveler. Find inside – dedicated space for passports, tickets, cash, cards, coins, pens, cellphone and keys. $15.99 

The Upside Down Umbrella. It keeps the wet parts inside and not on you. Minor genius. I am not sure why these things aren’t the standard. Clouds, plaid, polka dots, the Milky Way galaxy… there is one for every flavor. $19.99 

Wine Tumblers. Insulated. With a lid. For hanging out with a friend and drinking adult beverages and avoiding spills. $19.99 

We hope you find these gift ideas helpful, and we are wishing you all joy this season.

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