Halloween Shopping on a Budget :: Goodwill Has Your Ghoul and Goblin Covered

We are excited to partner with Goodwill Houston to cover all of your Halloween costume needs this year! Check out the store locator link at the end of the article to find the nearest location. 

Halloween comes in swinging on the heels of back to school shopping and for many people, that means we are rebounding from those expenses. Walking the aisles of the Halloween section can be exciting, but also filled with sticker shock. Especially if you are tasked with dressing multiple children. The kicker is, these costumes are going to grace the bodies of your children one, maybe two times and then make their way into a dress up trunk or end up at a donation center, like Goodwill. These practically new costumes are now ready on the rack for someone to pick up at a fraction of the cost.

Some people have misconceptions of what a shopping experience at Goodwill looks like. You hear phrases like, “You have to hunt for your treasure,” and to some that translates to, “Everything will be mixed together and I will have to waste time searching.” This is not at all the case. Goodwill does an excellent job of sorting and categorizing its inventory. For example, costumes are grouped together in one section as well as Halloween accessories like pails and décor. 

goodwill halloween costumes sorted
costumes goodwill
goodwill decor

By supporting Goodwill Houston with your Halloween purchases you make a larger impact with your money and create a teachable moment for your children. You can take this opportunity to explain that Goodwill provides jobs for many people, that by purchasing a gently used costume you are reducing your carbon footprint, and lessons about being a good steward of your money.

ADULTING ALERT AHEAD :: You can also reap tax benefits if you later donate your purchases back to Goodwill! You can easily find a location near you by clicking here to access a store locator. 

Connecting with Goodwill Houston is easy by following the links below::

Facebook:: @GoodwillHoustonOrg

IG:: @goodwillhouston

Twitter:: @goodwillhouston

Let Houston Moms Blog know about your Goodwill Halloween scores! We would love to see your Goblins and Ghouls, so feel free to share your pictures! 

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