25+ Houston Play Date Ideas!

2015 :: The Year of … The Play Date!

Has a nice ring to it, yes? Okay, perhaps you’ve got bigger fish to fry than dedicating an entire year to play dates. Maybe you are getting healthy or reading more books, living more peacefully or budgeting more closely.  But while you are living those big goals, the day to day calling of hanging out with the littles remains. I’ve been blessed to be a part of a group of truly creative moms who have through the years come up with some great play dates. Some are simple, and others more elaborate. In the getting out of the house and getting together, our kids have fun and make memories, and we moms form a community of support, parenting, laughter, and friendship.

So give it a shot this year. Use local parks, library meeting rooms, and your own homes. Whether you take an idea {or 7!} to meet with your play group, suggest a few to the storytime moms at the library, or even meet up with just one other family, consider penciling in a few of these in 2015. And you never know, they just might become a yearly event!

Plan for Holidays and World Events

Holidays are a perfect excuse to get together. Let Pinterest be your guide for some fun eats and easy activities, and these get togethers are sure to become fun traditions with friends.

  • Mardi Gras :: Hit up Dollar Tree or Party City for some Mardi Gras masks and decor. Make masks, decorate bikes and wagons, and ride through a local park for a Mardi Gras Parade.
  • Rodeo Fun :: Put on those boots and hats, make a stick horse or two, and hang out for some Texan fun.
  • Easter Egg Hunt ::  Gather at a local park, hide some eggs, and enjoy some Spring weather before Houston gets so hot!
  • Summer and Winter Olympics :: Decorate flags, have an “opening ceremony,” and then have the kids participate in 2 or 3 easy events. Be sure to get a few Dollar Tree medals for all who participate!
  • World Cup :: Grab a few soccer balls and an open field and let the kids burn some energy!
  • Halloween :: Decorate pumpkins together or have a costume party.
  • Thanksgiving :: Meet for a potluck Thanksgiving and have your kids try out some healthy snacks. Gain school lunch ideas in the process!
  • Christmas :: Consider a theme like “Frosty the Snowman” or “Gingerbread Christmas.” Plan a simple craft or activity and have everyone contribute food and drinks.
  • Christmas Lights :: Plan to meet and view some of Houston’s best lights.


Celebrate the Seasons of Life


 Keep It Simple

  • Meet at a local park to lose that cabin fever when the sun finally peeks out after a few rainy Houston days.
  • Host a pizza making party.
  • Hit up a kid-friendly lunch spot. Check out a local list here!
  • Host a “Lunch Share” and discover new kid-friendly foods.
  • Head to a Houston Moms Blog play date – and let us do all the work for you!


Be Pinteresting

  • Pick a craft and execute it at a park play date. Consider potato stamping or t-shirt sharpie tie dye.
  • Set up a few cardboard easels, a few paper plates of paint, and let the kids create masterpieces. Give each an award after they dry.


Get Out in the Community

  • Fire Station :: Most fire stations are so willing to have a group of kids over, introduce themselves and their gear, and give a fun tour of the firehouse.
  • Police Officers :: Call the police station to see if a local officer can meet with your children to discuss stranger danger and other safety issues.
  • Find Community Offerings :: Meet for library events or neighborhood events such a movie nights.
  • Contact Local Businesses :: Several places will offer an introductory class for your group or a discounted rate. Look into museums, art classes, gymnastics, music classes, and more!  {Our Family Directory has TONS of options…and be sure to tell them Houston Moms Blog sent you too!}
  • Volunteer :: Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Find a local group such as Lunches of Love to support. Host a play date to decorate lunch bags.
  • Reach Beyond :: Find an organization to support. Consider making Valentine’s for soldiers overseas or gather to make Christmas cards for Texas Children’s.


 I would love to hear more ideas! What are your favorite playdates? Are there any must-do, classic Houston playdates? Stay tuned because I’ll soon be sharing our favorite ways to celebrate the mommas of all these little ones in a list of momma play dates too!

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