Just For You :: Houston Moms Blog Launches Our Community & Conversation Group

EEEEEKKKK!!! We are over the moon to introduce our official Houston Mom’s Blog Community & Conversation Group to all of our loyal Facebook enthusiasts {all 27K+ of you!} A couple of weeks ago we put out a survey, and well, mamas, we listened! By and large, so many of you were craving more intimate connections, conversations, a place to ask alllll the questions, and just get to know people a bit more. So this special group was born! We hope that you will use it as a valuable resource and also just a place to escape and have fun, too.

What you GIVE…

  • Your passion for moms, kids, and the greater Houston area.
  • Reliability, team spirit, and your own unique perspective.
  • The opportunity to attend HMB events all year long – which are always designed to be lots of fun! 

What you GET…

  • The opportunity to make new connections and new friendships with other Houston area moms.
  • Access to pre-sale events when possible. Typically we will post ticket sales a full hour early before opening to the general public! That way you can snag them before they sell out :: because they will!
  • A no-judgment zone to ask all your questions, whether it be places to take your kiddos, how to handle potty training, nap/sleep schedules, feeding . . . the works!

What you should DO…

  • Join our group NOW by going HERE. There will be 3 questions for you to answer. They are designed to ensure that we keep this group to local Houston mamas. We do collect email addresses so you can keep up with the latest and greatest going on at HMB {And hear all about those events that you will have early ticket access to!}. However, should you like, you may unsubscribe at any time — but we so hope you don’t!
  • Get ready for a lot of fun and to introduce yourself! We will have a main thread posted so you can introduce yourself and find out who all is in your area or stage of life.
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers to join in the fun with you. Life is more fun together, am I right?

 Giveaway Alert 

To sweeten the deal, as if it couldn’t get anymore fun … we are going to send TWO lucky winners $25 worth of delicious cookies from our dear friends at Tiff’s Treats! If you have not yet experienced this amazingness, well, you should. They come straight to your door in a precious box, still warm and fresh from the oven. To enter, all you have to do is join the group by Sunday, March 4th at midnight. We will notify the winners in the group on Monday, March 5th.

Housekeeping Rules 

Anddddd, because this is an online forum, a little housekeeping ::

1. Absolutely no For Sale posts are allowed on this page. There are plenty of neighborhood garage sale sites and other forums that are more appropriate for these posts. Violators will be warned once and then removed if it continues. Your post WILL be deleted.

2. Please do not use this forum as a platform to solicit business. Same rule as #1 applies:: warning, then removal.

3. Please be kind to each other — we are all in this together! This is a no judgment zone and while differences of opinions are expected, we also expect you to maintain civility and appropriate decorum.

4. Keep safety in mind and please consider meeting at a public place when meeting someone new for the first time {ie :: for a play date, mom’s night out, etc}

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]. We are so happy that our Houston-area moms want to make connections and learn from each other. Thank you for the privilege of getting to know y’all just a little bit better! Happy chatting!

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