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We are proud of our kids. They are taking this coronavirus quarantine the best they can, but they have feelings about it too. They plans have been cancelled too. They aren’t able to see their friends or their teachers in person. Sports games were cancelled. School is now in front of a computer screen. They aren’t able to go to grandma’s house or go play at Chick Fil A. 

We use our site to air our emotions and feelings, to share what we can do to survive and thrive this quarantine, so we thought we would give our kids the same opportunity for some Kids Corona Confessions. These posts were either written and typed by our kids or transcribed by their parents from their own words. We tried our best not to edit their thoughts, opinions, or grammar to keep it true to their meaning. 

Our kids range from preschool age to high school age and their thoughts reflect that. It’s really interesting to hear, in this Kids Corona Confessions series, exactly how they feel and what they are going through in their own words. Some of them are long and some are short, but all of these voices are important.

In the spirit of remembering this time and allowing our kids to have their own voice, we created this time capsule printable that we encourage you to let your kids fill out. When they are older, they will want to remember what it was like to be home with their family for this extended period of time. 

Hear from our Houston Moms Kids how they feel about the quarantine in their own words in this series::

Kids Corona Confessions

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