Kids Corona Confessions:: Zoe

This is one of the bad times, but we must be there for each other in these times. I think that the hardest thing about staying inside is not being with my friends. You are probably at home staying with your family. This could be the only time in your lifetime that you get to spend about 4 weeks with your family so you should do some board games or play outside. My family is going paddle boarding and having family time. This is not that bad because we have each other that is all we need.

There are people that are in an older folk’s home and they can’t see their family because they can’t afford to get the corona but their family can’t see them, and some older parents their kids are telling their parents to stay inside. Well that is my family my mom isn’t letting my nana that means I can’t see her sadly but I know it’s for her best interest.
This is bad times, but you can make it good for you and your family. Hope you and your family don’t get the Cronin virus. 😊:0


Zoe G. is 12 years old. She lives in Richmond, Tx with her {favorite} aunt Kelly and uncle Bruce. Zoe is an extreme extrovert, so social-distancing is not in her DNA! This has been a difficult few weeks for her. She’s adjusting and we’re trying to keep her busy, entertained, learning and helping others.





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Houston Moms "Houston Kids:: Corona Confessions" #houstonmomsblog #houstonmoms #momsaroundhouston

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