Understanding a Mother’s Love for Target

From the moment I enter through those automatic sliding doors, I feel a sense of peace. I’m greeted by the aromatic smells of popcorn, the sight of a Starbucks, and the ever-exciting Dollar Spot. After I enter, I know it’s time for the routine… even my daughter knows the routine. I grab a cart, we grab a snack, and we start our adventure in the wonderful world of Target.

It’s true… I have always and will always love Target. Before having a child, it was a fun place to go to look for all things cute. Now that I have a child, it’s a fun place to go simply to get out of the house. When I get to have a “mommy moment” and run my errands alone, it’s the perfect place to go to unwind. Because I go once or twice a week, I’ve started to ask myself “Erica, why do you truly love Target?” Well, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons…

1. The Snacking Options

Our local Target has tons of wonderful restaurants and eateries within in its vicinity. Inside of the actual store, there is a Starbucks (obviously) and a food area. Before our adventure, I usually get an iced coffee or iced green tea to power through the rest of the day. Baby girl loves the pizza, popcorn, or pretzels so I usually buy one of those. It keeps her quiet for almost the entire time we are in Target. Recently, they’ve added an option to give free fruits to the kids! You can choose between an apple, banana, or clementine. Seriously, what other stores have all of these yummy, delicious, and moderately healthy food options?

Understanding a Mother's Love for Target | Houston Moms Blog

There’s a Smoothie King right next to our Target, and it’s almost routine for us to get a smoothie {and snacks} before our shopping excursion.

2. The Endless Amount of Cute.

As soon as you walk in, there are bright colors EVERYWHERE! The first thing that we see in our store is the women’s clothing, which has been on point lately. Then, we head to the children’s area. Cat & Jack has the best deals and the most adorable options for the kiddos. Then there’s the craft area, the makeup, the Dollar Spot… The list truly goes on! Target is always winning the cuteness competition.

3. The Family-Friendly Feeling

Everyone knows how accepting and open Target is to the general population. I love their values and how they make everyone feel included. With a separate restroom just for families, the endless amount of food and snacks, and the fact that they are rolling out Caroline’s Carts {for older children and adults with special needs} in stores across the nation, it’s easy to say that Target excels at making it a place for mothers to love.

Understanding a Mother's Love for Target | Houston Moms Blog

Every time they give my daughter a sticker, she is over the moon!

It really is such a cliché for motherhood, but I simply love going to Target! If you have similar feelings about this spot, tell me why in the comments below. I love hearing why other women, men, and/or parents, love this place!

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    Tiffany March 27, 2017 at 9:55 pm #

    I grew up going to Target. By the time I was in 6th grade my mom let me walk the half mile to our local store with a friend or my sister. I would say that Target has always been there for me… a place to buy Caramellos, new cassette tapes (and then CD’s), college dorm supplies, birthday cards, first apartment supplies, wedding registry, baby registry, toddler clothes. And now with Starbucks and the dollar bins, I can think of no other place where I can wander for hours and still walk out with a smile. It just feels like… home.

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    Suzanne April 2, 2017 at 11:07 pm #

    We got a Super Target when my twins were 18 months . They are now 17. Target was my escape when they were little . It was such a fun outing for us . We would have lunch. They would get icees and popcorn. When I would approach the Starbucks counter the familiar employees would ask if I was having my “usual”. We loved looking at the coloring book and book section . Always found cute clothes and shoes. Of course the toy section was part of our rounds . We got to know an employee named Karen . She loved my kids. She would tell me all about her kids and eventual grand kids . Karen still works at Target! I’m usually without kids when I go now a days . She always asks me how the twins are doing . Target was a big part of me being a stay at home mom. I just love it. To this day it’s one of my favorite places to explore .

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