Ode to Instagram

Ode to Instagram

Instagram, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. You’re always there for me when I need you especially during midnight feedings and bathroom breaks, and you are definitely an app I can’t live without!
  2. You allow me to escape reality with your beautifully staged images and perfectly posed children — because let’s face it, no one’s life is really that beautiful all the time and bribery is the only reason your children look that perfect in every picture.
  3. You’ve made window shopping easier than ever and have made me want ALL the things. I never knew I wanted fox knee socks, mermaid tail blankets, and monogrammed beach towels … but I totally do.
  4. You’ve caused me to have a love/hate relationship with hashtags. They can be such a useful tool, but I’m not sure why any one blogger, business owner, or individual alike needs 100 hashtags on each and every picture posted.
  5. Your filters make tired moms everywhere look great. #yesfilter
  6. You’ve made being a part of a community easier than ever. I love receiving little heart and comment notifications whether I’m posting a picture from a messy playroom or my desk at work, my Instagram friends remind me I’m not alone.
  7. You make me feel like I should pursue a career in photography. Clients won’t mind if I use my smartphone, right?
  8. You make me hungry and want to cheat on my diet, but you’ve also taught me that anything can be made a little healthier with the right recipe from Skinnytaste.
  9. You are helping moms become small business owners. I’ve watched hundreds of women make their dreams a reality by marketing themselves and their products on Instagram. Using this huge network costs them nothing and allows them to earn money to help support their families.
  10. You remind me of the good times. Every now and then I get caught up scrolling through some of my previous posts, and it always leaves a smile on my face. It’s the perfect walk down memory lane and virtual baby book for both of my girls.

So basically, I love Instagram. Sometimes I get annoyed at the moms who seem to have their lives 100% together and upload beautiful pictures every day. But other days I come across a mom who lost 100 pounds and motivates her followers to be their best self, and I am reminded that the beauty of life and social media is that we’re all different and we should celebrate that instead of comparing ourselves to each other.

What do y’all think? Do you love Instagram as much as me? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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