Outdoor DIY Project :: Metal Decor and Spray Paint

If you’re anything like me, then you know that a little home DIY project is good for the soul. After looking at the same outdoor space for the last several months, I decided this past weekend that we needed a little sprucing up to our backyard. 

We upgraded our patio last spring and have added furniture since then, but have been wanting to add some décor to the patio and the outdoor space in general. After making our first trip out of quarantine to my in-laws house, I came home inspired {like I usually do} to tackle an at-home project. 

I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse since it usually involves me going shopping and spending money! Ha! However, I’m a reasonable shopper and always look for sales and a good deal. Thankfully, Hobby Lobby is always a good place to find those. So here’s what we did. 

Fence Décor

I purchased six metal, scroll, wall décor pieces. Two that were similar in size and four that were similar in size. Not for any particular reason other than what I could find on the shelves. We already had a can of teal spray paint at home, so I spray painted three of them teal and kept the original cream color in the others. 

To hang the metal décor pieces on our fence my husband measured the center of the fence and then used an electric drill and drilled a multipurpose wood screw into the fence. A good ole fashioned hammer and nail would work too, we just find that this secures it more. He hung the metal décor piece on that, and voila you have a pretty fence.  

The fence before.

The fence after.

The cream color did not photograph the greatest, but it shows up better in person.

Patio Décor

Another thing that I did was purchase a round-ish, metal, scroll décor piece. The original color was dark brown with some cream smudge on it. But when we held it up to our brick it did not “pop” against our brick color and blended too much.

We considered several colors against the brick but settled on black because it stood out the most without being too loud. The great thing about spray paint is that you can always change the color of something when you get tired of looking at it. I’ve repurposed several décor pieces this way inside of my house too.

These are the before pictures.

This is the after picture. 

Front Porch Décor

I also bought a metal “welcome” sign that was dark brown, but when I put it up against our brick it didn’t look right. I used the black spray paint again and painted it black. Once the sign dried, my husband used his electric drill and drilled a masonry screw into the mortar of the brick wall and hung this sign. This is also how we hung the patio décor piece as well.

You always want to drill into the mortar because if you ever want to take the sign down, then you haven’t ruined the brick in the meantime. The mortar is easy to caulk and patch it back to normal.

My biggest advice for any home DIY project is not to overcomplicate it. We update our house in stages, and rooms/areas at a time so it’s not as overwhelming. Have a vision in mind and be flexible with the vision because it might turn out to be better than you had orginally planned. 

I hope these home DIY project ideas help and inspire you to do something similar to your outdoor space!

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