Too Cute - Santa & Rudolph Plates

Too Cute Embroidered & Personalized Gifts :: Shop Small. Support Moms. {+ Giveaway}

Today we are continuing with our ‘Shop Small. Support Moms.’ series, but this time we are including a GIVEAWAY!  After all, what big box store do you know that is just going around giving away fabulous and personalized goodies to moms in our area to make the holidays extra jolly and bright?  Not many that […]

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do i have PPD image

Do I Have Postpartum Depression?

This was a question I asked myself for months. Each time thinking, “No! It’s not possible.” But I would always excuse it away with things like, “But I remember being totally fine after she was born. It wasn’t ’til a few months later I felt like this. Can’t be postpartum depression.” Or, “The girls have […]

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iPads in Church

Kids in Church :: iPads are NOT the Answer

I have pocketed quite a few lessons in my first three years of parenthood :: my ankle will inevitably crack loudly upon walking away from a sleeping baby’s crib, character band-aids heal injuries very quickly, and if I want to enjoy the entire snack-sized bag of Doritos myself, I better hide in the bathroom to […]

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