Tips for Buying Resale 7

8 Easy Tips for BUYING Resale {Spring Cleaning}

{Click image above for more posts in this series!} So, how’s the Spring Cleaning coming along for you?  Completely done…almost there…still working on it?  Don’t worry – I am too.  But if you are anything like me, the more you clean out, the more you realize all that you need.  And I am quickly realizing […]

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HMB Gardening

Gardening with Your Kiddos

I love the outdoors. Like even July in Houston outdoors. Weird, I know. I feel like regardless of the month or the temperature outside, my whole family is happier if we spend a good amount of time each day outside. So the idea of gardening has always sounded fun, but totally intimidated me. We’ve been renting […]

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Toddler Instagram - Featured

If My Toddler Had Instagram

Lately, my brand spanking new three year old {the age – not the kid himself} has been SUPER into my cell phone.  {Are they even called that anymore?  I don’t know.  It’s an iPhone.  Whatevs.}  And not just the “gimme your phone so I can press every button and destroy all of your settings” into […]

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