Peyton’s Adventure :: Part 4

By a show of hands, how many of you had a chance to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day?  Wow…all of you?  That’s amazing.  You must have been following along on Peyton’s adventure and knew that she would be the star of the show.

I’m not sure about you, but as a writer, as a Houstonian, and as a mom myself, following along on this adventure has been such a treasure, and seeing it all culminate that morning on live television over a sea of onlookers, with the beautiful float that finally came to fruition, and of course, with Peyton riding so proud and so poised.  It was truly magical.

Rose Parade 3 (Credit-Northwestern Mutual)

I mean, how often does a family get to take their biggest, baddest challenge and turn it into something so beautiful and so awe-inspiring?  How often do you see a family enduring such an earth-shattering diagnosis – childhood cancer – and then turning it into an opportunity to impact millions?  How often do you encounter a business, like our partners at Northwestern Mutual, who is so dedicated to people, to community, to the greater good, that they dedicate immeasurable amounts time and resources and money in order to make a difference in this world?  For me…not often enough.

Rose Parade 2 (Credit-Northwestern Mutual)

In a world that almost seems to glorify the negative events happening around us on a daily basis, following along on this adventure has been a breath of fresh air and a restoration in humanity.  Hearing the cracks in Carrie’s voice as she describes the amazing people who helped put this entire adventure together for her precious baby girl … seeing the stunning float that was hand-crafted with white coconut chips and orange lentils by volunteers over the busy holiday season … and listening to Peyton say that she “felt like a real ballerina” in her pretty dress and sitting upon the float, despite chemotherapy and hair loss and all of the other side effects that no young girl should ever have to endure.  I am reminded that there is good in this world.  A whole lot of good.  Even despite obstacles, and challenges, and heartache.

Rose Parade 4 (Credit-Northwestern Mutual)

So as we bring this adventure to an end, I want to challenge YOU to begin your own adventure.  An adventure to continue spreading love, light, and awareness for childhood cancer throughout our community.  Let’s continue on the path that Northwestern Mutual has paved and do our part to make a difference in this world.  For each of us, that will look a little bit different.  Maybe it’s something as simple as giving out more smiles instead of hurried glances, or maybe it’s helping a friend in need, or maybe it’s planning for a positive future for your own children.  Let’s make Peyton proud, and use her adventure as inspiration!

“And so…let the adventure never end.”

Please Note :: Once again, we have to give a big thank you to Northwestern Mutual for graciously sponsoring this series and for all that they are doing to spread awareness and provide support for childhood cancer.  We are so proud to call them our partners!

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