Protecting Our Pipes:: It Starts at Home

We are proud to partner with Houston Public Works to learn how we can all protect our sewage systems in Houston.

There are many things we can be doing as a family to help better our environment and community within our home and during day-to-day tasks. Recycling, turning off lights to help conserve energy, carpooling quickly come to mind… but have you considered what you’re rinsing down the drain or flushing down the toilet that then go into our city’s pipes? Well, you’re not alone!

Protecting Our Pipes:: It Starts at Home

Unfortunately rinsing and flushing clog-causing products such as cooking grease and wipes can clog our pipes and causes sewer overflows in Houston every day. These clogs are expensive to repair, can make us sick, and pollute our environment. Luckily, while these overflows are common they are also preventable. Here’s what you need to know about sewer overflows and what you can do to prevent them. 

Protecting Our Pipes:: It Starts at Home

How to Prevent Sewer Overflows in Your Community

The best way to prevent sewage overflows is to make sure you properly dispose of grease, oils, and fats. Put grease in its place—the trash, and never down the drain. To do this, just pour, cool, and toss!

  • Pour. Scrape or pour grease into an empty container, such as a tin can, glass jar, or a heat resistant bag. 
  • Cool.  Let the grease cool and cover it. Store in the fridge until the container is full.
  • Toss.  Once full, toss the container directly in the trash can.

Also, remember to only flush the 3 P’s:

  • Pee. Pee and poo are treated at our wastewater treatment plants.
  • Poo. Poo breaks down and doesn’t clog our wastewater pipes.
  • Paper. Toilet paper dissolves in water.

Many “harmless” products can cause serious damage to your plumbing system, which can back up into wastewater lines and cause contamination. When in doubt, put items in the trash.  

Some household items to avoid flushing:

  • All Wipes – wet wipes, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, etc.
  • Paper Towels
  • Feminine Products 
  • Diapers 
  • Face Tissues
  • Cleaning and disinfectant Items (including rags and gloves)

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