School Pictures :: To Buy or Not to Buy

School pictures … they strike fear in the hearts of mothers across the globe for a lot of reasons. What will they wear? What if they take a photo that could be featured on some awkward photo site? What if I forget the date and send my kid in wrinkled clothes? Today I’m asking … School pictures :: to buy or not to buy? 

I’m really that mom when it comes to school pics. I scour the photographer’s website to find just the right background choice. The kids wear matching/coordinating clothing so that when I frame the photos side by side, the clothing doesn’t clash. I pre-pay online in order to make sure that I get exactly the package that I want – and I always, always choose the package that includes the CD or digital download option.

I am and I will forevermore be pro-photos. I’ve got a DSLR with extra lenses, a point-and-shoot for the right occasion, and recently upgraded to an iPhone 7+ for the sole reason that it had a better camera. You cannot find anyone more committed to taking photos and memory-keeping than I am.

But the thing that gets parents debating for hours … the cost of school pictures.

With much backlash from nearly 100% of my friends, I buy school pics. I do this knowing full well that the quality might not be top-notch, and I agree, they are overpriced. But, I really can’t imagine not buying them. Perhaps I’m just a nostalgic nut.

School Pictures :: To Buy or Not to Buy | Houston Moms Blog

Most of our extended family lives so far away, so it’s easy to throw in the photos with a note or card.  I also know that they appreciate having a printed photo. It’s a bit of a lost art, I feel.

I also want to add that buying school pictures does not in any way whatsoever replace using a professional photographer for your child. Without fail, even with all the cameras and equipment that I own, I still hire a pro 1-2 times a year for my kids. {I am no pro. I know just enough to be dangerous.} And, let’s face it, who wants the only photos of their children to be from the stomach up?

Overall, I just love the whole idea of school pictures, from dressing up to the excitement of bringing the photos home. Are they expensive? Yes. Are they good quality? More often than not, no. Are they precious to my memory box? Absolutely.


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    Coppe October 27, 2016 at 10:46 pm #

    Haha! I HAD to click on this story when I recognized that the girl in the picture was PIPER! Plus, I’m another one of those photo-obsessed moms who buy school pictures, except we usually buy the cheapest package that has enough copies for us & for the two grandparents who live in Dallas and Puerto Rico. I agree-there is something special about picture day! And mailing actual photos in actual cards (not posting digital photos to social media.) I’ll gladly join your “lost arts” club of photo-buyers and card-senders!

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