Hit By a Heat Wave :: Spread Fun & Teach Kindness This Summer

We have been hit by a few things around here lately. Let’s see… We were first hit with a summer of the sickies. The kids alternated weeks of fever for the first four weeks of Houston’s hang-at-the-pool season. One managed to contract hand, foot, and mouth disease. And then an ear infection. And another infection a few weeks later.

Oh yes, and did I mention we brought home a newborn at the start of it? So that’s been fun.

And then there’s the Houston heat. The best thing to do is hit the water and visit the neighborhood pool or any of Houston’s splash pads. Since we haven’t been able to take full advantage {remember, sickies and newborn?}, we decided to take heed of Jana’s advice and spread a little kindness to some friends.

We knew just the family that might enjoy a few treats while being hit with a summer heat wave of one sort or another. Hence, our “Heat Wave” secret gift was born…

Heat Wave

Step 1

Print out this fun “Heat Wave” printable custom made just for all of you.

Heat Wave - Blog

Click here for PDF download.

Step 2

Gather materials. Think about indoor and outdoor fun, and be sure to hit up Target’s Dollar Spot or your local Dollar Tree. You could even include the ingredients for {or a pre-made batch of} The Perfect White Wine Sangria if you know that your friends will grab their goodies right away!

Suggestions & Ideas ::

Step 3

Deliver your package to a friend’s or neighbor’s doorstep as a surprise…or hand deliver in person if it works better for your schedule. We assembled our goodies and are heading to drop them off to a mom friend at work so she can leave the goodies for her kiddos who live a bit far for our crew to make the haul.


Step 4

Encourage others to pass it on! Pin this page. Post this link as your status update to provide ideas to your friends.  Suggest it to your play group, Baby Boot Camp class, or summer camp friends as a fun activity that teaches kindness.

Enjoy the time spent with your little ones spreading some fun and beating Houston’s heat!

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3 Responses to Hit By a Heat Wave :: Spread Fun & Teach Kindness This Summer

  1. Avatar
    Michelle Tanner July 22, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    What an awesome idea Jenn. We have new neighbors that just moved here from Michigan so I think I will whip one of these up and use it as a way to meet them and their little boys.

  2. Avatar
    Jenn July 23, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

    Thanks Michelle! I hope your family has fun putting it together, and I know your neighbors will love it. Michigan to TX is quite the move and weather change!

  3. Avatar
    Julie August 2, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    That’s my girl!!

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